Seltene alte Publikationen,
zur Verfügung gestellt von der 
Deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft

Rare old publications on molluscs,
presented by the German Malacological Society.


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Mitteilungen der Berliner Malakologen (pdf, 122 MB)
(rare journal, pdf-file of alle published issues, vols. 1-19, 500 pages, 150 dpi,
for higher resolution or single issue-files, please, contact the DMG)



This page was founded in order to preserve and save rare scientific information which is almost unobtainable at libraries and especially to save works with a high risk for being lost by aging of the printing material.

You are welcome to help or participate in preserving old publications (contact the council of the DMG). 

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Cepaea - Snail dentalium_mollusca.gif (1363 Byte) octopus_mollusca.gif (4054 Byte) Lepidochitona - chiton Mytilus - mussel

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